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Project Activities

SEXOFFENDERS activities will be fundamental to develop and plan the future activities in the countries partner and widely in line with the past and present activities carrying out in Europe. The following activities:

  • Collection of information and data concerning the profiles of the sex offenders who commit abuses against children and young people and the domestic situation where these abuses are perpetrated.
  • Mapping of existing research and programming of treatment programmes for sex offenders against children and young people in Europe.
  • Organisation of a specific treatment programme for sex offenders against children and young people.
  • Creation of a “MULTIAGENCY NETWORK” involving local actors or social services to treat the sexual offenders not only during the execution of the legal punishment in prison but also once they are out of jail to avoid the risk of reiterated offences.
  • Organisation of awareness actions and training courses toward experts who work with sex offenders in and out of prisons (Jail coach) will be considered the starting point for the future initiatives. Moreover, the project will be aim to replay the following activities in different and not participating countries.


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