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 GEORAMA was founded on 13-11-06 (according to the submission of its statute to the Court of First Instance in Patras on 12-01-07 with submission entrenchment – protection No 45) and its headquarters are situated in Patras.
GEORAMA is intending to play the role of a development pole in the coastal area of Western Greece and participate actively in bottom up European Integration, rooted into civilian mobilization and institution building as a result of interaction of Local / Regional Stakeholders and EU/ International / Global networks of excellence.
Founding Members of GEORAMA initiated and implemented a number of Interregional Co-operation projects funded by the EU Territorial Co-operation programs (INTERREG IIIC), realized that there was a need for a new institutional set up to continue the thematic work of these networks after the expiration of their financing by EU. GEORAMA is fed by the concepts, results and ambitions of the interregional co-operation networks and is devoted to continue the work of these & other initiatives.The priorities of GEORAMA are following the EU Territorial Co-operation policies
  • Promote innovation and economic development to improve the competitiveness and employment of EU & Global  space (Local productive systems; industrial districts; poles of innovation; poles of competitiveness; areas that show a significant innovation potential; local cultural systems).
  • To control the impact of human activity on the environment, enhance territorial resources and prevent risks (To improve energy efficiency, Protect and enhance sensitive territorial resources, Prevent maritime risks and strengthen maritime safety).
  • Improve mobility and sustainable territorial accessibility  (Adapt the use of networks, material and immaterial,  to the needs of sustainable economic development).
  • Promote sustainable urban development (Promote the trans-national integration of development areas).
  • Empower Civil Society.

The strategy behind GEORAMA is that it will act as an active neutral coordination body that can facilitate the creation of local, regional, national and international platforms where public organizations, business communities and academic organizations can collaborate strategically in an effort to stimulate regional and national growth participating actively in bottom up European Integration.
  • Environment as common heritage is the first division of activity aiming at sustainable growth with clear focus on environmental protection.
  • Upgrading of Human Resources, knowledge integration, thinking Globally & Acting locally, increasing employment opportunities for segments of the population that are excluded or “not facilitated” to take active approach towards responsible positions in Public & Private sector, attracting talents, is the second activity that characterizes GEORAMA.
GEORAMA recognizes that:
  • The protection of the environment is the corner stone for sustainable development.
  • Human resources encouraged to participate in decision making, entrepreneurship and sharing local development concerns, is vital for the private and public prosperity.
  • Integration of New technologies is crucial for economic development and quality of life.
  • International co-operation, supported by EU programmes may form the basis for the creation of economies of scale that foster competitivness.
  • Efficient & rational use of Natural Resources including exploration activities forms a basic parameter for local economic development.
Under these pre-conditions GEORAMA sets as its strategic targets:
  • The protection of the environment
  • The empowerment of the Civil Society
  • The attraction of Human resources into bottom up EU Integration efforts
  • The integration of New Technologies
  • The enhancement of International Co-operation
  • The support of exploration activities and creation of relevant employment
  • The Economic Development


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