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The University of Sassari was founded by Alessio Fontana, a distinguished gentleman of the town of Sassari in 1558. The official opening dates back to the month of May 1562. It was firstly run by the Jesuits. Today, the University, which is of medium size, with a total number of over 18.000 students and about 700 teachers, consists of 11 Faculties and over 40 Departments, Study Centres and Institutes. There are several Specialist Schools, Research Institutions, Schools for Special Research and Postgraduate Schools.

Places are available for overseas students in a limited number. Students from foreign countries who want to apply for admission to an Italian State University should forward their request through the Italian consulates in their country. Prior to being admitted the overseas students are required to pass a test intended to give satisfactory evidence to the University of their proficiency in written and spoken Italian indicating that they are able to take full advantage of their studies in Italy.
Overseas students wishing to attend Italian language courses in their home country may apply to the Italian cultural Institutes; moreover, The University of Sassari itself organises an intensive Italian course to be offered twice in a year (October and February) to overseas students.
Students moving in the frame of EU programmes (e.g. ERASMUS or ECTS), or of agreements signed by the University of Sassari with overseas Universities, will be received irrespective of the above limits. They remain registered at their own Institution while they are in Sassari and are not officially enrolled as students at the University of Sassari, being considered as guest students. They are admitted to follow one or several courses according to their individual programmes and are registered for single courses (corsi singoli). They can submit the required documents directly to the Registrar's Office (Segreteria Studenti) and are entitled to be exempted from fees. Upon completion of their period of study, a certificate is sent back to their home University.
The University of Sassari has always aimed at developing policies of international cooperation. To this end, the University has been involved in various projects, among which of particular relevance is the participation in the programmes of the European Community such as Erasmus-Ects, Lingua, Comett, Tempus and others; as a result, a large number of researchers and students both from within and outside the Community have had, have now, and will have the opportunity of doing part of their studies in foreign Universities with full and complete recognition of their value on the part of the home institution.
An evergrowing number of our students have been accepted by European Universities and in return we have welcomed foreign students here. Our participation in the Comett Mediterranean project gives and will in the future give to our graduates and those graduating the chance to spend some time working in foreign businesses in various sectors and - most importantly - in those concerned with the latest technology.
The University works with various international organizations such as the University of the United Nations, the Community of the University of the Mediterranean and with numerous inter-university consortia.


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