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01 Intro English
02 Litrev English
03 Mapping English
04 Data English
05 Conclusion English
06 Call 2009 Action Grants
07 European Parliament recommendation of 3 February 2009
08 Counsil framework decision on combating the sexual abuse
09 Decisions adopted jointly by the European Parliament
11 Elimination of violence against women
12 EUROPOL Child sex offender network disrupted
13 EUROPOL International police operation against travelling sex offenders
14 Europol launches project to stop travelling sex offenders
15 EUROPOL PR experts discuss how to handle cases related to child sex abuse
16 EUROPOL Successful operation against child sex offenders on the Internet
17 Opinion of the Committee of the Regions on Combating the sexual abuse
18 Opinion of the European Data Protection Supervisor
19 Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee
20 The EU Commission cracks down on modern slavery and child sexual abuse
21 Wave country report 2008
22 Wave country report 2009
23 Wave poverty report
24 Wave protect English 
25 Meeting presentation
26 Meeting photos

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